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Coursework hell?

Midway through coursework and i get a bit bored just listening to music on the computer, knowing that i can’t do anything, i must complete this coursework all before wednesday.
So i ended up giving myself a little challenge…
Moving yourself around the game map is a bit of a nightmare (Was!) - So i set myself a challenge to come up with a better way of moving the viewport/camera around the map to make it alot nicer than spamming your keyboards up/down/left/right key(s).

Total success! We now have panning around the map by clicking down your map and releasing it, going to be a bit difficult at first getting it working with the Halflings, ensuring when i click on them it doesn’t begin dragging the map!
I also improved the keyboard controlls so instead of spamming a button down, you simply hold it down untill you want to stop moving the game camera.
It’s amazing what you can acheive when you challenge yourself.
Now - Crack on with this coursework before i fail! :D

Well that was fun!

So the day finally comes where i turn 18 (today was the day!).
I partied on the weekend with family, and also today, then going out to town on the weekend with others. Been as i was 18 today, i had been forced to go and by my first pint.

Now when i say, can i buy “pint of lager” my sister nags me and laughs saying your saying it like “point”, no matter how hard i tried to say it however she said is right, i couldn’t do it.
But finally i have mastered it (and i have a secret method :o) - I have to say pie-nt and it sounds like im saying it right.

After weighing out the pro’s and con’s of turning 18, i figured there is alot more freedom upon being a “young adult”, but is it all good? I’m not sure.
Every single thing you can now do when your 18 involved spending most of your money (although doesn’t everything?).
I guess just now i have a much, much wider variety to spent all my hard earned money on, (gamling and booze are mostly the biggest).

So yes, all in all - Today was a success. I have officially become a young adult. Mhm…
Now for a very good nights rest watching telly, bring on American Dad!

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