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Update *Finally*

Well first i guess i’d have to apollogise for not posting any news earlier - I guess there wasn’t that much to post about, it’s been a busy few weeks in personal life…

Me and the other developer decided to switch to Canvas to optimize the game enigne, i’ve always been wary of choosing it, constantly thinking, is the web ready for it? But we’ve grown up, i think the web is more than ready for canvas now…

So slowly by slowly, were porting everything over to work with canvas, well - I say porting, we ended up rewriting the whole thing and ended up going for a much better structured approach attempting to use the best of “fake” Classes in Javascript. It works, and the performance is alot better, even though it’s early stages - I think we’ll be fine, i added walking/Character animation, tile detection, auto-tile support (Woo!), npc’s and mobs are now back in (static at the moment until i code any behaviours back in for them).

Of course through out most of doing this i decided to do some stress testing on the canvas, and it holds out pretty damn well - Im impressed, sometimes it’s a little bit jumpy but we havn’t even started optimizing anything yet so im sure we’ll be fine…

The idea behind switching to canvas was to allow for a much more detailed enviroment and to allow for alot more events to be shown, live, animating, ect all at once - And i can tell it’s going to handle that just fine.
So yeah! Thats the latest update on the Dream Online Game Engine…
I guess soon i best start putting in some screenshots back up here! :)

Oh also, my hamster died, i now have a new one. Mhm. It’s a week old and i still have no name… She’s fully ginger (no not calling it ginger either…).

Oh and over the weekend me and Jan want to finish off a few bugs regarding the mobs jumping about a little bit while the Character is moving, once that’s done it’s time for networking to be implemented, yay!

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