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Feb 5

Oh, and as for the record, Project Blue Inventory is HalflingLife (An older project of mine) - Just, with a more mature plan of development and design and experimentation.

Only this time around, this is getting done.

New life is born into old(er) projects. It’s so exciting :)

The rule of Dedication…

Well to start off, let’s jump right into the “who are we, where are we” bollocks.

Im a young web developer who lives in the United Kingdom (Birmingham for you stalkers!).
I am fluent in PHP, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS, with quite a few cool javascript techniques built in (Mostly Async work).
I have spent the last year or so building a Web-RPG game and hope to release it in the near future.

Thing is, i have a very low attention span, i enjoy playing games, but i get bored of them so quickly, what was the solution? Build your own, that way, it’s harder (For me) to get bored of a game “i” want to play! (Genius thoughts!).

I am quite a huge Minecraft fan (I bet you just went *sigh* “Another one”..), i like the whole sandbox feel of the game and hopefully would like to incorporate some features like that into my games.

Over the past 3 days i have decided to learn Java. Im proud that i have stuck with it and picking it up so well, i guess once you already know one language, it’s alot easier to just learn the syntax of the other.
Although it is complicated, i am looking forward to start making my first project (You wouldn’t call a shitty calculator a proper project huh?).

So thats basically thats it for my first “Proper post” i guess.
This blog is going to be a personal blog but mixed in with the adventures i have with game development and design. I also plan on doing Podcasts with other people in the future, but we’ll see!