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Help is always appreciated.

Well guys, i need to ask for some help.
I’ve decided to recently learn C# - It’s going quite well, and i’m picking up ways of doing things in the language, finally. I decided to go with C# rather than Java as i feel more comfortable with that language.

Coming from a web development background, i didn’t really use Classes as much as i probably should of, and only recently on my latest few gaming projects including (The main one is the Isometric game that i’m developing).

I get the concept of classes, and why to use them and when to kind of create others, that’s fine - And it’s all coming along really well. What i really struggle with is inheriting from another class.

What i would like from you guys is any tips and hints for someone starting in C# and how to go about the best ways, and examples of inheriting from another class (Best examples would be relating to games?). Or just any tips in general that you think may help.

Thank you guys!

rapidflowstudios said: haha sorry, I got you mixed up with somebody else that I’m following. He’s making a tile-based side-scroller

Haha that’s fine, was about to say! - At first i was thinking, meh? Game Maker? nawwww - He really never just said that hehe… never really got the hang of it, alright for the right people who it will benefit it, i’m a stubborn bastard who’s stuck in his old ways of coding in Notepad++, it’s basically why i own an OS, just so i can run notepad++ haha oh god!

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I play, alot of Minecraft (Well, Tekkit now)… And i meant, aloooooot. It’s usually what i do when i get in from work, to wind down (Where as i used to end up coding something instead).
My plan is to start developing something new, something different in my eyes, after developing Dream online quite alot - I’ve gotten a bit bored of it, now thats not a good thing when it’s your own game, especially. So when i have the time to figure out what i can do to make it more enjoyable for me, im sure it will be much more enjoyable for others. When i eventually do release it, that is haha.

Anyway! So if i want to start coding something different. And i want to still enjoy the Minecraft aspects of things. Why don’t i combine the two?
No i don’t mean a shitty ass Minecraft clone in the browser… I mean something different!
I like playing Minecraft with others, in the sense of, not feeling alone in the world of Minecraft, but sometimes, having some annoying bastards playing with you is kind of offputting…
So why don’t i create a game, kind of an Sandbox type thing, but one which involves the gameplay style of other people playing with you, but only, solo.
So im thinking, random tasks being carried out by those “people/characters”, random events happening to them (Suddenly dying?) or even giving birth to other “characters/people”. But not another “travian” clone. It’s different.
This got my mind wide open, flooding with creative ideas on what i can do with this. So i’m here to share my idea’s with you guys… My plan!

The name of the game, is currently unknown. But starting today, i will start brainstorming some major ideas of how the gameplay will be, what i want it to be like. I figured if it’s something i’ll really enjoy to play - Then others would enjoy playing it too?

I’ll keep you guys updated.

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Expect the unexpected…

Well i guess it’s time for another blog post eh…
I try not to think of this as a “chore” otherwise it will take the fun out of doing it! Then whats the point of that eh?..

Just a few quick major updates to do with the game engine..
As you know - We switched to Canvas. Great! Alot more trouble than it’s worth, so i thought at the beginnning… But i can see huge speed benefits from using it, not to mention the flexibility you can have with it.
The engine has been rewritten more times than i can remember since the new developer came along… Not that thats a bad thing - It’s actualy awesome.
I have spent the past day and a half handling keyboard input and creating a dynamic viewport (Very troublesome! - Luckily Jan was here to help out)…

Oh and we also have randomly generated (But seamingly natural!) Tile generation for the world you roam on!… I know, i know… How sexy, and in a browser? kwah…

Now to start working on adding the rest of the images in game and put the auto-tile back into the engine. Fun fun!

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Update *Finally*

Well first i guess i’d have to apollogise for not posting any news earlier - I guess there wasn’t that much to post about, it’s been a busy few weeks in personal life…

Me and the other developer decided to switch to Canvas to optimize the game enigne, i’ve always been wary of choosing it, constantly thinking, is the web ready for it? But we’ve grown up, i think the web is more than ready for canvas now…

So slowly by slowly, were porting everything over to work with canvas, well - I say porting, we ended up rewriting the whole thing and ended up going for a much better structured approach attempting to use the best of “fake” Classes in Javascript. It works, and the performance is alot better, even though it’s early stages - I think we’ll be fine, i added walking/Character animation, tile detection, auto-tile support (Woo!), npc’s and mobs are now back in (static at the moment until i code any behaviours back in for them).

Of course through out most of doing this i decided to do some stress testing on the canvas, and it holds out pretty damn well - Im impressed, sometimes it’s a little bit jumpy but we havn’t even started optimizing anything yet so im sure we’ll be fine…

The idea behind switching to canvas was to allow for a much more detailed enviroment and to allow for alot more events to be shown, live, animating, ect all at once - And i can tell it’s going to handle that just fine.
So yeah! Thats the latest update on the Dream Online Game Engine…
I guess soon i best start putting in some screenshots back up here! :)

Oh also, my hamster died, i now have a new one. Mhm. It’s a week old and i still have no name… She’s fully ginger (no not calling it ginger either…).

Oh and over the weekend me and Jan want to finish off a few bugs regarding the mobs jumping about a little bit while the Character is moving, once that’s done it’s time for networking to be implemented, yay!

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May 2

The plan…

Development resumes tomorrow - Im going to focus on customization i think, after me and Jan where discussing alot of ideas for the game, we decided that one of them should play a huge part in character customization, for now this will just be aesthetic customization, but still - It’s a great start!

See you tomorrow then eh!

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Sound in games.

Today me and the other developer, Jan, got started on quite some large work today, i ended up adding sounds to the game engine after we both agreed it would be a great addition to the engine, so i have spent most of my day doing that, mean while the other developer got working on a true real-time chat based on googles servers to use for our engine. Pretty nifty! I tried it out and it works like a gem.

Although i have to say i did use some sounds off other games, im sure they won’t mind as of yet, it’s only for me and the other developer to listen to and test untill we make our own. Woops! :)

Other than that, it’s great to say progress on the engine is being pushed so much lately, it’s great to be at the forefront of it all too. Exciting stuff! :).

Heres a sneek peak of the debug window i added for the sound engine. Browsing gaming for the win!

Artificial Intelligence! It kinda rocks.

Well today was a very productive day programming the web-based RPG, me and the new(ish) developer Jan decided it’d be pretty great if we add more AI aspects into the game (regarding artificial intelligence on NPC’s), so today was pretty huge, although we only implented some of the basics, they are there now. We added dynamic NPC movement (Without the need of a server!) aswell as cross-animation for every event, meaning if something updates in the database, it will find it, update it’s position, animate it and do whatever else it needs to with it also.

So i think it’s been a pretty good day today! Although i must say, never again, maths isn’t my strong point (HAH), and it certanly shows doing things like this.
Also a big thanks to our developer, Jan!

Also have to apollogise for the lack of proper english sometimes, i usually end up posting these blog posts at like 2am, woops!

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