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Feb 5

Oh, and as for the record, Project Blue Inventory is HalflingLife (An older project of mine) - Just, with a more mature plan of development and design and experimentation.

Only this time around, this is getting done.

New life is born into old(er) projects. It’s so exciting :)


Game of thrones is basically the 3 S’s…
Sex, swords and seat’s (the throne).

Yep, that is all… :D

Dec 6


The Halfling-Life game is going well, learning C# as i’m developing, and want to keep it in C#. I’ve got the multi-level map array in, aswell as basic terrain height, random “spots” of ores. And a very ugly water placement on the map.
That of course can be changed by editing the noise.

I’m getting quite bored though, and to be honest - I quite liked messing about in Canvas, i enjoyed developing in it, just that the game i was creating in it at the time, wasn’t right for that langauge. not yet anyway.

So - I’m going to start a new game in Canvas, as well as developing Halfling-Life… I will be starting the new project tomorrow, and for now it will just be called “Project Blue Inventory”… I’m so annoyed at not being able to explain what im on about without a project name, and it’s took me this long to think of Halfling-Life, so i’ll use Project Blue Inventory as a name for the new Canvas project for now, and when i figure out where the game is going, i’ll change it.

So yeah, i’m looking forward to starting this aswell, it will give me something else to do. I have a basic idea of what i want, so lets see where it goes!

I’m sure by now your thinking, why the fuck are you starting another project, don’t you have enough to do already? Well.. Yeah. But who gives a crap, as long as i’m enjoying it.


No this isn’t the update.. But!
Later on i will be detailing the latest happenings of the game, and all the latest accomplishments that have happend - With screenshots! Also, the pathfinding is done, weeeheeee!


I’ve finally managed to sit down and come up with the game’s final description! About fucking time i hear you say. I generally don’t come up with descriptions for anything i create at all, and certainly not too early on in development, so now when things are really starting to take shape, i think now the time is right…
From this, if you can, please submit any game name idea’s you have for this! It’d be great to see.. At the moment i’m totally blank, i have a few idea’s for the name but i’m not completely happy with them.

That is all i can say at the moment, the characters may seem a bit cliche, but putting my own twist on it all, i think it suits!

[Insert My Game Name :(] is a game which allows you to control a group of Halfling’s - You will follow and shape their journey as they attempt colonize new lands after being driven out of their homeland by the fierce Ironheart-Goblins.

You use must help create a new homeland for them using the resources in the natural enviroment around you. Everything you find and see can be used to help your Halfling’s on their epic adventure, do you cut down a thriving forest and hope to replant it in a nearby area, using all the freshly cut logs to your advantage? Or keep it alive, salvaging all the fruit from the tree’s and hunting all the wild beasts that roam by.
You will need to make many tough decisions for the Halfling’s, the future being changed by every decision that you choose to make.

The future and wellbeing of the Halfling’s lies in your hands now.


Well after a while of not developing the game at all, i’m finally back onto full throttle ahead progress (sounds cool!).

Anyways - My plan a week ago or so was to get started on the Artificial Intelligence, unfortunatly this kind of hasn’t gone as planned as i thought it would of.
I thought i may as well start doing the core optimizations now - Getting as much optimization out of it as i can at the moment, and also take my time altering the tile picking algorithm to work a bit better in game.
I can happily say that both of these tasks where a great success!
It has taken me a few days to finally figure out, i was getting preeeeetty damn pissed off - Then today it just appeared in my head, the solution. I kinda hate that, but then i guess it puts an edge on programming, plus the fact that my mathematics is completely shite haha.
For the core optimization i basically had to try and figure out how i can reduce the tiles visible on screen as low as i possibly could, all the possibilities i tried where not to my liking, and i would always end up with this cropped part of the map, displayed in isometric format. So a cropped diamond. It looked terrible i have to admit, so i ploughed on to find something that didn’t feel like a slap in the face when you load it up.
It now doesn’t display in that typical “isometric” diamond cropped map, but rather fullscreen kind of, there is a slightoffset at the moment - But that’s for debug purposes of course, after i will set it so it fully fills your screen!
I’m quite happy with the result of all this and now that honestly leave me with nothing left (yet) to begin working on, other than starting the Artificial Intelligence! yaaaay.

Just to brag anyway, i managed to reduce the amount of tiles loaded at any given time from
From: 3461 (Above ground)    To: 1127 (Above Ground)
From: 4500 (Below Ground)     To: 3780 (Below Ground)
I think thats a big jump anyway - The perfomance is running smooth on my computer, dread to think all those entities being drawn at once on a shitty computer.
Oh well - I have an idea how i can reduce them even further, but that can wait!
So over the next few days you can expect more AI updates rather than usual terrain generation logs.

Over and out!

Don’t Worry! The development on the game hasn’t stopped completely, i’m just enjoying A Game of Dwarves more than i should, alongside finishing up a Freelance project - I can’t wait to get back into programming the game, also - I think it’s about time i come up with a name of the game too haha. Untill then, i’m afraid you’ll have to put up with some more technology crap that i post, woo!

iPad Mini?

So they’ve just “officially” announced the new iPad Mini… One of the first things i see is “It’s 53% Lighter!”…
Do people still fall for this? Surely if we can open a door, drive to work, drink a cup of tea and carry shopping bags around, i’m sure our hands arn’t going to struggle with a poxy iPad…
Try changing a few more things for once rather than resizing it, changing the shape of it and making it a little bit faster each version.

Ps. Written from my Android Phone. Can’t you tell i’m not that fond of Apple? (The company, well. The fruit too!)

On the upside, i’m doing very well in A Game of Dwarves :D

Wonder what i’m playing?Finaly got my hands on A Game of Dwarves! Looks like there won’t be any game development from me for a couple of days haha!

Wonder what i’m playing?
Finaly got my hands on A Game of Dwarves! Looks like there won’t be any game development from me for a couple of days haha!

Around two days before A Game Of Dwarves is released! This is going to be good! :)