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May 2

The plan…

Development resumes tomorrow - Im going to focus on customization i think, after me and Jan where discussing alot of ideas for the game, we decided that one of them should play a huge part in character customization, for now this will just be aesthetic customization, but still - It’s a great start!

See you tomorrow then eh!

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Here we go again…

This is one of those late night posts, where i just ramble on about random crap which goes on in the life of Mike.

Today was a long day, not just one of those days that you say has been a “looong” day, but it really has been. I got up at quarter to 7 in the morning, thats like a whole hour earlier than i usually get up, who actually knew!
Work was anything but a nightmare, i enjoy it because it makes me laugh - The people there are cool, it’s a job to be in.

I also have new laptop too! I’m very glad that it’s still fast while im using it, even after i’ve installed all the crap onto it.
I mostly use it just for developing Dream Online, checking facebook ect downstairs and doing general things, i use my gaming computer to play BF3 and other games, and to really get stuck into code, for some reason i find it nice to relax on the gaming computer. Maybe it’s the surroundings… A magical desk? Keyboard? Who knows…

Me and the new Developer for Dream Online have spent most of the day debugging code, i know—If it was well structured code to begin with, you wouldn’t have to, don’t give that bollocks - Sometimes you just have to anyway, no ones perfect.
But we both got stuck in, Jan (The new developer) spent alot more time doing more debugging while i started creating some more maps for the game. Then a bit later on i joined Jan and finished debugging some of the code… We had to because something wasn’t lining up right, the communication from the client to the server, the NPC’s positions where different from the client to the server, so of course it was screwing up not letting us do things because were not near those NPC’s. At least it’s kind of secure!
As of this, we ended up discovering a bug a few days ago which wouldn’t allow the user to attack an NPC/Mob, but luckily today we finally got it sorted, plus optimized and changed a few things around.

I have a document on google docs containing a huge list of updates from the past two weeks, it’s huge! All thanks to the new developer, i think a game/software developers worst enemy is motivation. It killed some of my early projects when i was beginning to learn web languages, now once you have a few followers of your projects, people who constantly return and carry on to over a long period of time, you know you must be doing something right…

Over time we will need to figure out what makes our game so unique, whats our “thing”, we have an idea of what we want to do - Just getting it all implemented is another thing. When we add most of it in, and we get to figure out what it is in the game that makes it what it is, what makes us wanting to keep playing, we will grow on that aspect.

Another thing, I was talking to someone online the other day, we was talking about general RPG’s on the computer, i was trying to explain to him that alot of them are generally the same, they share the same features, same gameplay style ect, everyone wants to create something so different, but really - they end up adding what they THINK people want in the game, but not what they want in the game. Thus ends up becoming just another typical RPG game.

Thats where we come in… We may not know what other people want, but we know what we want in our game, we know we would play it.
Thats it for one day. Same again next time?