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May 2

The plan…

Development resumes tomorrow - Im going to focus on customization i think, after me and Jan where discussing alot of ideas for the game, we decided that one of them should play a huge part in character customization, for now this will just be aesthetic customization, but still - It’s a great start!

See you tomorrow then eh!

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May 1

You know your a nerd when a developer goes on about a polling example, as it keeps asking the server every 2 seconds.

Client: Something happend?
Server: Nope.

2 seconds later…

Client: Something happend?
Server: Nope.

2 seconds later…

Client: Something happend?
Server: Nope.

I laughed. Thats bad! #fmylife.

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Sound in games.

Today me and the other developer, Jan, got started on quite some large work today, i ended up adding sounds to the game engine after we both agreed it would be a great addition to the engine, so i have spent most of my day doing that, mean while the other developer got working on a true real-time chat based on googles servers to use for our engine. Pretty nifty! I tried it out and it works like a gem.

Although i have to say i did use some sounds off other games, im sure they won’t mind as of yet, it’s only for me and the other developer to listen to and test untill we make our own. Woops! :)

Other than that, it’s great to say progress on the engine is being pushed so much lately, it’s great to be at the forefront of it all too. Exciting stuff! :).

Heres a sneek peak of the debug window i added for the sound engine. Browsing gaming for the win!

The rule of Dedication…

Well to start off, let’s jump right into the “who are we, where are we” bollocks.

Im a young web developer who lives in the United Kingdom (Birmingham for you stalkers!).
I am fluent in PHP, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS, with quite a few cool javascript techniques built in (Mostly Async work).
I have spent the last year or so building a Web-RPG game and hope to release it in the near future.

Thing is, i have a very low attention span, i enjoy playing games, but i get bored of them so quickly, what was the solution? Build your own, that way, it’s harder (For me) to get bored of a game “i” want to play! (Genius thoughts!).

I am quite a huge Minecraft fan (I bet you just went *sigh* “Another one”..), i like the whole sandbox feel of the game and hopefully would like to incorporate some features like that into my games.

Over the past 3 days i have decided to learn Java. Im proud that i have stuck with it and picking it up so well, i guess once you already know one language, it’s alot easier to just learn the syntax of the other.
Although it is complicated, i am looking forward to start making my first project (You wouldn’t call a shitty calculator a proper project huh?).

So thats basically thats it for my first “Proper post” i guess.
This blog is going to be a personal blog but mixed in with the adventures i have with game development and design. I also plan on doing Podcasts with other people in the future, but we’ll see!