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Feb 4

There we go! New theme for the blog sorted - And now my website isn’t an inactive forum anymore and is now my personal blog.

I’ll definatly have to sort out some sort of portfolio properly at somepoint… hmm…

Just signed up to Dribbble! (Finally eh) - It’s a platform to share graphics, mainly UI’s - Good place!


Well after a while of not developing the game at all, i’m finally back onto full throttle ahead progress (sounds cool!).

Anyways - My plan a week ago or so was to get started on the Artificial Intelligence, unfortunatly this kind of hasn’t gone as planned as i thought it would of.
I thought i may as well start doing the core optimizations now - Getting as much optimization out of it as i can at the moment, and also take my time altering the tile picking algorithm to work a bit better in game.
I can happily say that both of these tasks where a great success!
It has taken me a few days to finally figure out, i was getting preeeeetty damn pissed off - Then today it just appeared in my head, the solution. I kinda hate that, but then i guess it puts an edge on programming, plus the fact that my mathematics is completely shite haha.
For the core optimization i basically had to try and figure out how i can reduce the tiles visible on screen as low as i possibly could, all the possibilities i tried where not to my liking, and i would always end up with this cropped part of the map, displayed in isometric format. So a cropped diamond. It looked terrible i have to admit, so i ploughed on to find something that didn’t feel like a slap in the face when you load it up.
It now doesn’t display in that typical “isometric” diamond cropped map, but rather fullscreen kind of, there is a slightoffset at the moment - But that’s for debug purposes of course, after i will set it so it fully fills your screen!
I’m quite happy with the result of all this and now that honestly leave me with nothing left (yet) to begin working on, other than starting the Artificial Intelligence! yaaaay.

Just to brag anyway, i managed to reduce the amount of tiles loaded at any given time from
From: 3461 (Above ground)    To: 1127 (Above Ground)
From: 4500 (Below Ground)     To: 3780 (Below Ground)
I think thats a big jump anyway - The perfomance is running smooth on my computer, dread to think all those entities being drawn at once on a shitty computer.
Oh well - I have an idea how i can reduce them even further, but that can wait!
So over the next few days you can expect more AI updates rather than usual terrain generation logs.

Over and out!

I play, alot of Minecraft (Well, Tekkit now)… And i meant, aloooooot. It’s usually what i do when i get in from work, to wind down (Where as i used to end up coding something instead).
My plan is to start developing something new, something different in my eyes, after developing Dream online quite alot - I’ve gotten a bit bored of it, now thats not a good thing when it’s your own game, especially. So when i have the time to figure out what i can do to make it more enjoyable for me, im sure it will be much more enjoyable for others. When i eventually do release it, that is haha.

Anyway! So if i want to start coding something different. And i want to still enjoy the Minecraft aspects of things. Why don’t i combine the two?
No i don’t mean a shitty ass Minecraft clone in the browser… I mean something different!
I like playing Minecraft with others, in the sense of, not feeling alone in the world of Minecraft, but sometimes, having some annoying bastards playing with you is kind of offputting…
So why don’t i create a game, kind of an Sandbox type thing, but one which involves the gameplay style of other people playing with you, but only, solo.
So im thinking, random tasks being carried out by those “people/characters”, random events happening to them (Suddenly dying?) or even giving birth to other “characters/people”. But not another “travian” clone. It’s different.
This got my mind wide open, flooding with creative ideas on what i can do with this. So i’m here to share my idea’s with you guys… My plan!

The name of the game, is currently unknown. But starting today, i will start brainstorming some major ideas of how the gameplay will be, what i want it to be like. I figured if it’s something i’ll really enjoy to play - Then others would enjoy playing it too?

I’ll keep you guys updated.

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If you find yourself with an idea but alot of doubt, you will spend most of your time thinking and not doing. If you think that the idea is more than 40% a good idea (screw the 60%!) It’s probably a great idea. Work on it untill it’s 99% a good idea.

- Michael Sheward