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Some previous work - The first image was a design concept/mockup for my web based RPG - It was the “Homepage” if you like…
The second was the fully coded version of the “theme” of the game, showing of the shop functions too.


No this isn’t the update.. But!
Later on i will be detailing the latest happenings of the game, and all the latest accomplishments that have happend - With screenshots! Also, the pathfinding is done, weeeheeee!

The game is switching to Java!

Okay then - I know this is something that you will read and probably thing, how fucking stupid, decide yourself!

But alas here it is.
Been as i will end up rewriting some of the game using a premade graphics library for the game, should i also switch language? Currently it is done in HTML5 and JavaScript - It’s fine on my computer, but what happens when i add more logic that will eat up the browsers speed aswell as the drawing methods? Of course optimizing it is an option, but you can only optimize something so much, maybe the world truly isn’t ready for HTML5 Yet… Yet! When it gains proper hardware support i think it will be great to use, but for now, i think it’s time to change.

I’m switching over to Java! That means that the game i am creating will also be ported and rewritten in Java, gaining incredible performance boosts. It’s a win win for everyone i think.

I have toyed with Java before, just little bits and bobs here and there, creating very basic applications, but i can understand the syntax mostly, the only thing that i struggle with is the classes, and “extending” from another object? Of course i researched it before and never understood it really, so i went back to the language i knew better, web languages.
Of course i know i can’t stick with them forever and want to broaden my knowledge of programming even further, so why not?
This is a perfect opportunity to start learning Java and finish creating my new game with it.
I still want it widely available and thus will end up using some sort of Library to help out, Moosader kindly boasts about Libgdx from time to time and i think it will suit what i need it for. So thank you Moo ;).
I’m sure it will take a while for me to get into the swing of programming in Java again, and relearning the Syntax, and ways to do things. But again - I think it’s just a perfect opportunity to do so.
Actually, ignore the question above, lets do this!
I’m going to be porting the barebones of the engine over into Java and begin programming it in that language! Of course we have haters and lovers for Java (Sometimes too many haters?) But it’s a language which i am most comfortable with switching over to, and from what i have saw before, quite powerful when you do it right.

It will be a few days at very least before you will be able to see any basic screenshots of the game again. Of course this does mean scrapping most of it, giving me a chance to rewrite it more efficiently.

I am a bit sad that i won’t be able to have it running in the browser, but isn’t there some way of adding running the application in the browser using Java Applet or something? Anyway, that library i saw something about porting it to Android and HTML5 too, perfect!

So from today, i guess it marks a new mini milestone for me, and i am sharing it with you.

Ps. I babble on too much sometimes and it’s hard to stick with, but at least all this is out of the way and i can start planning some things of what needs doing first, begin creating the game again. I am incredibly excited about all of this, and hopefully after a few weeks of development you will be too!
Stay tuned!

Well that was kind of embarrassing!
After spending a good 30 minutes yesterday trying to figure out why the mountains are looking quite, odd…
I come in from work, look at the code, 5 minutes in i realise that im rendering Mountains inside out!!! Oh well, all is good now haha.

Having trouble figuring out how im going to render depth a bit better, ie, mountains are darker / lighter higher they are, or shadows ect.. Just trying so hard not to impact performance!

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Here we go again…

This is one of those late night posts, where i just ramble on about random crap which goes on in the life of Mike.

Today was a long day, not just one of those days that you say has been a “looong” day, but it really has been. I got up at quarter to 7 in the morning, thats like a whole hour earlier than i usually get up, who actually knew!
Work was anything but a nightmare, i enjoy it because it makes me laugh - The people there are cool, it’s a job to be in.

I also have new laptop too! I’m very glad that it’s still fast while im using it, even after i’ve installed all the crap onto it.
I mostly use it just for developing Dream Online, checking facebook ect downstairs and doing general things, i use my gaming computer to play BF3 and other games, and to really get stuck into code, for some reason i find it nice to relax on the gaming computer. Maybe it’s the surroundings… A magical desk? Keyboard? Who knows…

Me and the new Developer for Dream Online have spent most of the day debugging code, i know—If it was well structured code to begin with, you wouldn’t have to, don’t give that bollocks - Sometimes you just have to anyway, no ones perfect.
But we both got stuck in, Jan (The new developer) spent alot more time doing more debugging while i started creating some more maps for the game. Then a bit later on i joined Jan and finished debugging some of the code… We had to because something wasn’t lining up right, the communication from the client to the server, the NPC’s positions where different from the client to the server, so of course it was screwing up not letting us do things because were not near those NPC’s. At least it’s kind of secure!
As of this, we ended up discovering a bug a few days ago which wouldn’t allow the user to attack an NPC/Mob, but luckily today we finally got it sorted, plus optimized and changed a few things around.

I have a document on google docs containing a huge list of updates from the past two weeks, it’s huge! All thanks to the new developer, i think a game/software developers worst enemy is motivation. It killed some of my early projects when i was beginning to learn web languages, now once you have a few followers of your projects, people who constantly return and carry on to over a long period of time, you know you must be doing something right…

Over time we will need to figure out what makes our game so unique, whats our “thing”, we have an idea of what we want to do - Just getting it all implemented is another thing. When we add most of it in, and we get to figure out what it is in the game that makes it what it is, what makes us wanting to keep playing, we will grow on that aspect.

Another thing, I was talking to someone online the other day, we was talking about general RPG’s on the computer, i was trying to explain to him that alot of them are generally the same, they share the same features, same gameplay style ect, everyone wants to create something so different, but really - they end up adding what they THINK people want in the game, but not what they want in the game. Thus ends up becoming just another typical RPG game.

Thats where we come in… We may not know what other people want, but we know what we want in our game, we know we would play it.
Thats it for one day. Same again next time?

Which one do you think is the best logo to use for the game? Prettiest! Take your pick…

Which one do you think is the best logo to use for the game? Prettiest! Take your pick…

Sound in games.

Today me and the other developer, Jan, got started on quite some large work today, i ended up adding sounds to the game engine after we both agreed it would be a great addition to the engine, so i have spent most of my day doing that, mean while the other developer got working on a true real-time chat based on googles servers to use for our engine. Pretty nifty! I tried it out and it works like a gem.

Although i have to say i did use some sounds off other games, im sure they won’t mind as of yet, it’s only for me and the other developer to listen to and test untill we make our own. Woops! :)

Other than that, it’s great to say progress on the engine is being pushed so much lately, it’s great to be at the forefront of it all too. Exciting stuff! :).

Heres a sneek peak of the debug window i added for the sound engine. Browsing gaming for the win!


Well, this will be the first post about my online game, Dream Online (If you can think of a more productive name, go ahead, im getting tired looking at that name now - Cheesy or what!).

After meeting a few developers and having some good talks about various different games, i decided to try and stay in touch with a few since they where clearly down to earth - And as a bonus wasn’t trying to overload your brain with programming language wars!

Cut the long story short, im very proud to say that we have another addition to the team, he is a developer yes and will be helping around with a few things in the Engine.
It’s always great to see people willing to help you in certain projects, it really manages to boost inspiration through the roof! So thanks to all the fans out there too!

On another note, we decided to do it properly and set up a private Git repository so we can collaberate properly, we spent over an hour trying to get it to work on my computer, but SSH decided to give us a chance and let me have access, finaly!

The next few days at the very least it will be spent showing him around the engine and the database, explaining what each feature and function does.
Interesting stuff huh!

Next week i shall be posting some screenshots of the engine development, so stay tuned!
And of course, ask me any questions if you want.

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