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May 8

Happy Birthday to Sir David Attenorough! A very inspirational man that has always managed to keep me wondering about Nature and the world around us.

A long loop.

Can’t beleive i’ll be 19 in a week or so! Time flies fast, you never realize and just nod along, now it kicks in, even the last few years, all it feels like is work, back home, computer for a bit, sleep. Repeat for a looooong time.

Well that was fun!

So the day finally comes where i turn 18 (today was the day!).
I partied on the weekend with family, and also today, then going out to town on the weekend with others. Been as i was 18 today, i had been forced to go and by my first pint.

Now when i say, can i buy “pint of lager” my sister nags me and laughs saying your saying it like “point”, no matter how hard i tried to say it however she said is right, i couldn’t do it.
But finally i have mastered it (and i have a secret method :o) - I have to say pie-nt and it sounds like im saying it right.

After weighing out the pro’s and con’s of turning 18, i figured there is alot more freedom upon being a “young adult”, but is it all good? I’m not sure.
Every single thing you can now do when your 18 involved spending most of your money (although doesn’t everything?).
I guess just now i have a much, much wider variety to spent all my hard earned money on, (gamling and booze are mostly the biggest).

So yes, all in all - Today was a success. I have officially become a young adult. Mhm…
Now for a very good nights rest watching telly, bring on American Dad!

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