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Well, this will be the first post about my online game, Dream Online (If you can think of a more productive name, go ahead, im getting tired looking at that name now - Cheesy or what!).

After meeting a few developers and having some good talks about various different games, i decided to try and stay in touch with a few since they where clearly down to earth - And as a bonus wasn’t trying to overload your brain with programming language wars!

Cut the long story short, im very proud to say that we have another addition to the team, he is a developer yes and will be helping around with a few things in the Engine.
It’s always great to see people willing to help you in certain projects, it really manages to boost inspiration through the roof! So thanks to all the fans out there too!

On another note, we decided to do it properly and set up a private Git repository so we can collaberate properly, we spent over an hour trying to get it to work on my computer, but SSH decided to give us a chance and let me have access, finaly!

The next few days at the very least it will be spent showing him around the engine and the database, explaining what each feature and function does.
Interesting stuff huh!

Next week i shall be posting some screenshots of the engine development, so stay tuned!
And of course, ask me any questions if you want.

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