Mikes Crazy Universe.


Okay then, time for a few Screenshots of how it’s been going.
I’ve been trying to make it all seem, naturally generated. Or to the best as i can of course, as you can see, i have basic height elevation, mountains, and basic lakes, not too much water, and not to sparse either.. All fitted together, the blue screenshot, of course shows the lakes, i simply put the mountains ontop, and set it to intersect the water above ground level 1, so you don’t have the lakes going under the mountains too. Job done!
It Just takes forever fine tuning it to get it near enough exactly how you want it. Still, im very happy with the results!
All of these screenshots are zoomed out by 25% so it’s very far zoomed out, just so i can see how it all fits together, and i think, for day 1 of development, it looks mighty fine!…
Next up is to create an Isometric render for it, thats the plan for tomorrow, just to change the current method of drawing non-iso to full iso… And to cache the map in an array of some sort, i think that will greatly improve performance when scrolling around the map, saves generating on the fly, just look it up in an 2D Array.

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